Horde of the Dragon Queen

The long walk to Greenest and eventual departure.

Taking over a city ain't all its cracked up to be.

Waking to find that the caves were not in fact a nightmare and that indeed Shimara was no more, the group of adventurers began the slow walk back to Greenest.
Upon their arrival Mayor Nighthill informed them that Leosin Erlanthar was no longer in the town and had traveled north to Elturel.

But Nighthill would speak no more of it until the group was rested. He was deeply saddened by the loss of Shimara and in a potentially desperate move to not seem impotent as a mayor, declared a celebration in his honor that evening. But before that he wished to meet with the adventurers and learn of both their exploits and what information they uncovered in the caves.

Having rested the group met with Nighthill in is quarters where they revealed the map and the manifest found Frulam Mondath‘s quarters in the cave. Nighthill understood that the map showed the cult moving West and then North to Baldur’s Gate. He informed the group that Leosin Erlanthar requested the group travel with haste to Elturel to meet him. Horses, tack and harness, had already been paid for and prepared in advance. Reticent but not seeing a way out of helping the group agreed to travel the 200 mile, 6 day journey north after resting and honoring their friend that night.

In a ploy to ingratiate himself to the local populace Torrin went out to the town and began handing out money to families to help rebuild. Never a selfless action, the money was mostly earned from bets placed on Shimara’s original fight with Langdedrosa Cyanwrath at the Keep. Additionally Torrin knew that if his merchant contacts arrived the money would ultimately be used to purchase supplies from them, of which he would inevitably get a cut.

Like all good plans sometimes things go awry. Torrin’s benevolent actions led the townsfolk that night to foist upon Torrin mug after mug full of ale to the point of inebriation that a Dwarvern bar wench would find insulting. Nighthill announced that a statue of Shimara would be erected in the town square and he was named The Hero of Greenest. Ellenora took the opportunity to bring the crowd to tears with a heartfelt song of remembrance that was extra personal.

Never the one to turn down an opportunity for mischief, she had her brother stripped and tossed in jail for the night. When he finally awoke everyone had a good laugh at his expense and just as he thought it couldn’t get worse the sounds of his merchant contacts’ wagons was heard in the distance. With the cosmic joke coming to conclusion, Torrin was ushered by his sister and Raziel back to the room to sleep off the alcohol.

As Elenora lay sleeping Raziel cast an illusion on her attempting to soothe her pain over Shimara’s loss, but by next morning it was clear that it had the opposite effect and only created a rift between the Drow and Half-Orc.

Torrin, despite an amazing hangover, haggled with his contacts over the percentage of his take of the con. They landed on 80% (to Torrin) of all merch sales on this first round of goods sold
90% (to Torrin) of all merch sales on 2nd round when it would be clear more supplies were needed.

And with that the group put their backs to Greenest and set out towards Elturel.

Surprisingly, the group encountered little to nothing on the six day journey and so the time was spent with Elenora making Raziel’s trip as uncomfortable as possible.

As the 5th day came to a close the ever burning light of Elturel came into view. A singular star / sun like glow over the city that radiated at all hours of the day to keep back the undead who populated the lands to the north.

Upon arrival the group immediately proceeded to the town’s major church, to inquire about the Paladin Ontharr Frume, whom Nighthill had said was the reason for Leosin’s leaving Greenest.

The group is encouraged to look at the gnome graft, as Ontharr could usually be found there. The adventurers set out, and while bigger than Greenest, Elturel was still a small town compared to the larger costal cities. They found the tavern easy enough and upon entering had no problem locating Ontharr – a ring of townsfolk gathered around him as he held “court”. With him was Leosin, who took the time to introduce Ontharr and to provide you with lodging via the tavern. You each took to your rooms to dust off the road from your backs and then coming back down to the main tavern were invited to participate in some “games” with Ontharr.

An arm wrestling match between Ontharr Frume and Ellenora was the first. Always the opportunist, Torrin, quickly dispatched the potion of giant strength into Ellenora’s drink and then proceeded to work the crowd with a game of odds knowing full well that it was certainly rigged in his favor at this point. Sure enough Ellenora made short work of Ontharr easily besting him with her right and left arm.

Ontharr took it in great stride and clearly enjoyed the game more than than the outcome. He turned to Torrin and, brining in a proxy named Vincent, led the entire congregation to an archery training area just behind the tavern. While Torrin attempted to best Vincent, his sister worked her skill and tried to drudge up some bets amongst the townsfolk. Unfortunately, Torrin didn’t fare as well as his sister in his challenge.

Having enjoyed some games Ontharr, the group, and the townsfolk headed back to the Tavern to spend the rest of the night swapping tales of adventure and learn of the groups recent exploits – edited of course by Elenora so as to be seen in the most flattering possible light.

With that the hour grew late and the adventurers headed to bed, not certain of what the next day would bring, but sure that that Ontharr would make it interesting.


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