Horde of the Dragon Queen

Infiltration and Extraction

When in doubt throw the dragonborn under the caravan.

In our last episode, our heroes, having easily dispatched the party of Kobolds and Humans, continued toward the encampment of the raiders. As they neared the camp they were quick to catch on that a rearguard had been established outside of the camp boundaries. They were able to take down the rearguard with little trouble and decided to don cultist outfits in order to infiltrate the camp.

Their camp was sent into the basin of a depression. It was high rock walls on the North, South, and East sides. The ground sloped upward however the further East into the depression one went. Clearly moving further in also revealed a certain hierarchy to the raiders camp. Kobolds and peons worked the outer western edge while presumably the captains camp (and perhaps Langdedrosa Cyanwrath) occupied the highest eastern-most point.

The parties entrance was going smoothly until Shimara was spotted as the solo battler of Cyanwrath. Ever quick with her mouth Ellenora called out that she was bringing this prisoner in and offered up Shimara to the raiders. Torrin and Raziel were told to report to the barracks while Ellenora was brought to Frulam Mondath’s tent. Shimara meanwhile was brought before Mondath at the commanders tent. Shimara tried to smooth talk his way out of it but unfortunately was sentenced to death.

As night began to set Torrin and Raziel catch wind on the rumor mill that the big half dragon is tied up with the other important prisoner on the south bluff. They head off to save their friend while Ellenora charms her way out of Mondath’s tent and meets up with them. The important prisoner is none other than their quarry Leosin Erlanther, the half elf monk, who is looking much worse for wear. He informs the party that he deliberately got captured to learn more about what the raiders were up to. The party manages to dispatch the guards and free both Shimara and Leosin. However a patrol group discovers the guards bodies and sounds the alarm. Torrin however manages to steer the party up the bluffs and out of the camp and sets a quick pace back for Greenest.


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