Horde of the Dragon Queen

Our story thus far

The adventurers find themselves happening upon the town of Greenest in the southern part of the Forgetten Realms. The town is in flames and clearly a blue dragon is circling the town. It isn’t clear at first look if the dragon has attacked or if something else is going on.

The adventurers (goaded by the DM) choose to explore and investigate further what might be happening at Greenest. Their curiousity leads them to the edge of town where they skirmish with some kobolds, only to be thurst into helping a family make an escape for the keep at the center of town. Along the way they see hooded figures of all kinds working in tandem with kobolds as well as crocodile like dragons. All of these figures appear to be looting and pillaging the town.

The adventurers manage to make it to the keep, saving the family, just as the gate comes crashing down. Now inside the keep they see the situation isn’t much better. All hands have been put to helping injured and dying citizens of the town of Greenest. While guards have been stationed on the walls of the keep to try and hold the dragon at bay. Tensions are high and no one seems to know why they are being raided and if this raiding party will eventually seek access to the keep.


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