Horde of the Dragon Queen

Hells Bells

or Potions of Invulnerability FTW!

… as we part the veil of reality

Our heroes having just pushed a blue dragon from its prey find themselves begged by governor Nighthill to head back out into Greenest to rescue villagers trapped in the sanctuary of Chauntea.
Reluctant to help after sticking out their necks already, but even more reluctant to sit by and let innocents be slaughtered, the groups heads back through the secret passage and follows the river southeast.
The Sanctuary sits on a small rise and as the heroes approach they observed three patrols. One working a battering ram on the front doors, one group patrolling around the building looking for weaknesses, and a final group trying to force their way in the back door.
With little time for planning the group considers a desperate hail mary move to put Torrin up on the roof hopefully taking out cultists with arrows aplenty.
However, no sooner does Torrin try and scale the building he finds it impossible to climb. In an act of selflessness rarely seen by his sister, he downs a potion of invulnerability, then using the bottle and some oil creates a molotov cocktail and launches it at the squad battering down the front door.
This certainly gets their attention and with some luck also pulls the patrol group circling the building. Torrin takes off running back into town luring as many baddies as he can knowing that they can’t hurt him for at least a minute.
Meanwhile Ellenora, Raziel, and Shimara try to take out the patrol working the back door. They also stumble onto a bit of luck when the supposed leader of this raiding group turns the corner and pulls the bulk of the group around to the front of the building. Using a little known kobold lullaby she picked up years ago, Ellenora manages to pull the stray kobolds within range of Shimara and Raziel who handily dispatch them.
Things look good for Torrin when he trips up a bunch of pursuers with a bag of marbles but turn for the worse when two ambush drakes get him on the heels. While it doesn’t hurt he does trip and finds his foes amassing around him. He quickly gets out of the situation and makes it into a ransacked home. A little more home made pyrotechnics and some ninja like timing lets him leap out the back window while his pursuers earn 3rd degree burns for their poor house call.
Having cleared the way Ellenora manages to entice those inside the sanctuary to open the back door. With the help of Eadyan Falconmoon, a half elf priest of Chauntea, the three are able to usher the hostages out of the back of the building while the recollected group of cultists begin battering the front door down yet again.
As Torrin returns battered and tired, he and Shimara quickly eliminate the battering ram threat at the front door. Finally losing morale for this fight the few stragglers attempt to flee only to be done in by Shimara‘s skill with power tossing large objects.
The heroes usher the hostages through the river and back into the secret passage where they are added to the safety of those in the keep.
Just as they are looking to take a seat and catch their breath a horn sounds from outside the keep’s walls. Rushing to the upper walls the heroes, Escobert the Red, Nighthill, and the collected guard see the cultists amassing outside of the gates. What is first taken as a possible attack on the keep is quickly transformed into something darker as a 7’ Blue Dragonborn called Langdedrosa Cyanwrath emerges from the crowd.
He calls to the keep to send out the best warrior they have or he will murder in front of them three children and a woman, all of whom are the family of one of the guards. No sooner is the call for a duel made then all eyes turn to Shimara. Except for Ellenora who in a desperate move to shift the odds in the party’s favor tries to intimate Cyanwrath, but to no avail.
As Shimara makes for the gates Ellenora gives him the potion of giant strength and inspiration with a kiss on the cheek.

Cue AC/DC’s Hells Bells

Shimara steps out to the field in front of the keep ready to do battle. Cyanwrath in a show of good faith releases the children but holds the woman hostage until the battle is over. He is given his great sword, a hulking two handed blade of death. His eyes turn to Shimara and the battle begins.
Both combatants land significant strikes but Cyanwrath pulls his ace out of when he doubles down on his turn and having landed two swings with his sword opens his mouth and blasts Shimara with a bolt of lighting in the center of the chest. Shimara falls unconscious and lays still on the ground.
The woman is released as Cyanwrath is a “man” of his word.
With that he turns and he and all of the raiders leave Greenest. Priests rush out to grab Shimara‘s body but are clearly pushed aside as Ellenora gets to him first and pulls him back into the keep.
The keep’s clerics set to work on him and after a few minutes Shimara’s eyes flutter open and he says one word “Quiklana”, before passing out again.
As the sun rose Ellenora drags all of the party into a single room, lays everyone down, and locks the door.


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