Welcome Adventurers… the Dragon Queen awaits

Welcome to the Forgotten Realms, here you will find adventure, danger, passion, risk, and if you (and your dice) are lucky – great reward and renown.

While you have come from different and distant parts of the realm your paths have now crossed and you find yourselves, for better or worse, tied to a fate you cannot imagine. Even now forces are assembling and moving against you and against the realm. Those forces seek death and destruction in the most magnificent fashion.

But that is the end game. For now you find yourselves traveling with a caravan hired by one of the wagons to provide protection, and perhaps entertainment (your short time together has already proven fruitful for campfire fodder). As you crest the hill you see off in the distance the town of greenest. The black columns of smoke rising from the town clearly indicate that Greenest is in FLAMES

Horde of the Dragon Queen

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